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Hetzner doc

Hetzner setup 1. Registering a new user. Confirm verification 2. Going to Cloud 3. Tap - Create New Project 4. Tap - Add Server 5. Choose the country of the server - EU or USA. 6. Choose Debian12 OS 7. Choose type - Dedicated vCPU and CCX23 8. Choose Networking 9. Add your SSH Public Key 10. Add Volume - enter 1024GB 11. Create Firewall with these Inbound Rules 12. For Backup, Placement Group, Labels, and Cloud Config - nothing to choose. 13. Set the Server name and Create

Docker Setup

  1. Go to the Terminal
  2. Copy your Public IP address from the Cloud Admin Panel
  3. Type command in Terminal - ssh root@yourpublicIP
  4. Enter the passphrase. Confirm
  5. Add Docker's official GPG key (from manual {:target="_blank"} )
  6. Add the repository to Apt sources
  7. Install the Docker Packages. To install the latest version, run: take code from manual and put in the terminal. Enter
  8. Docker installed.