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WRC-20 is a standard for creating smart contracts on the Waterfall network. It stands for Waterfall Request for Comment 20, and it defines a set of rules and standards that a token contract on the Waterfall network must follow in order to be considered an WRC-20 token.

WRC-20 smart contracts enable the creation of tokens on the Waterfall network that can be traded, exchanged, and used in decentralized applications (dApps). They provide a standardized way for developers to create and deploy tokens without needing to reinvent the wheel each time.

Some of the key features of an WRC-20 smart contract include the ability to:

  • Transfer tokens between addresses
  • View the total supply of tokens
  • View the account balance of an address
  • Approve and transfer tokens on behalf of another address
  • Burn (destroy) tokens
  • Allow other contracts to spend tokens on behalf of the contract owner

By using WRC-20 smart contracts, developers can create their own tokens on the Waterfall network that are interoperable with other Ethereum-based applications and services, providing greater flexibility and accessibility for users.

Deploy using Remix

Getting started

  1. Connect Wallet - Metamask
  2. Open Metamask and select Waterfall Network
  3. Go to the Remix Ide

Create Project

  1. Create new Blank Workspace on File explorer page
  2. Create contracts file WRC20.sol
  3. Go to page. In the Settings section, change: Name - the name of the token, Symbol - the symbol of the token, Premint - the number of tokens that will be added to the creator of the contract. Copy the code and paste it into the contract file.


  1. Select WRC20.sol and go to the Solidity compiler page
  2. Click on Compile WRC20.sol button

Deploy to Waterfall Network

  1. Go to the Deploy & run transactions page
  2. Select Injected Provider - MetaMask in Environment field
  3. Click on Deploy button
  4. Confirm transaction in Metamask


After the contract is deployed, you can see the address of the contract and call the methods of the contract.

  1. Information about contract
  2. Transfer
  3. Check balance