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Digital ocean doc

Step by step on how to setup Digital Ocean

  1. Register a new user account
  2. Choose Create - Droplets
  3. Choose the Region
  4. Choose Debian OS - 12x64
  5. Choose Size - Basic Plan
  6. CPU Options - Regular with 8GB
  7. Additional Storage
  8. Add your Public SSH key
  9. Give your Project name and tap Create Droplet

Docker setup

  1. Copy your Public IP address from the Cloud Admin Panel. Type command in Terminal - ssh root@yourpublicIP
  2. Enter the passphrase. Confirm
  3. Add Docker's official GPG key (from manual)
  4. Add the repository to Apt sources
  5. Install the Docker Packages. To install the latest version, run: take code from the manual and put it in the terminal. Enter
  6. Docker installed.