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Bridge between Testnet7 and Testnet8

Metamask configuration

  1. Install Metamask according to the instructions
  2. Add Testnet8 settings in Metamask by specifying the following parameters:
  3. Check if you have Testnet7 settings in Metamask:

Bridge Testnet7 -> Testnet8

  1. Go to and click Login with MetaMask:
  2. Click Switch to Waterfall Network:
  3. Click Approve:
  4. Click Switch network:
  5. Click Next:
  6. Click Connect:
  7. Click Switch network:
  8. Check the avalible balance:
  9. Or Check the avalible balance in MetaMask:
  10. Select the amount of WATER to transfer to Testnet8:
  11. Click Confirm:
  12. Transaction in progress (status is Pending):
  13. Check the transaction status (Pending):
  14. Check transaction status (Confirmed):
  15. Check the number of confirmations and click on the icon to check a transaction status in the explorer:
  16. WATER has successfully transferred from Testnet7 to Testnet8.
  17. Switch to Testnet8 for checking the balance
  18. Check out the balance in MetaMask