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Run Waterfall Node Testnet8 in Native App


We have already updated the terminology in the documentation as follows: "Worker" has been renamed to "Validator" "Validator" has been renamed to "Verifier". We will implement these changes in the Node App and Docker version soon.

You can still continue using the current Docker version. In the next release, we will introduce a feature 'update from Docker'.

We are currently in the process of obtaining a Code Signing Certificate from Apple and another trusted certificate authority. Once we have obtained the certificates, you will no longer need to manually authorize the installation of the Waterfall Node app on your operating system. We will make an announcement when the certificates have been obtained.




  • CPU (Cores): 2.0
  • Memory (GiB): 4.0
  • SSD Disk (GiB): 256.0
  • Bandwidth (Mb/s): 10.0


  • CPU (Cores): 4.0
  • Memory (GiB): 8.0
  • SSD Disk (GiB): 512.0
  • Bandwidth (Mb/s): 20.0

Download Node App

Mac Arm Mac Intel Windows x64 Changelog

Video manual

Metamask configuration

  1. Install Metamask according to the instructions
  2. Add Testnet8 settings in Metamask by specifying the following parameters:

  3. Setting -> Advance -> Turn on hex data

Top up your account WATER in Metamask from test faucet

To Activate your node on testnet8 you need to have 3200 WATER on your account in Metamask and some amount of WATER for transaction fee. You can get test WATER from faucet:

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